St.Anne’s is a friendly, vibrant and highly motivated community that enjoys the reputation of being one of the respected educational institutions.

The Evening College will open up the avenues for higher education to young boys and girls who are employed that would pave way for their high end opportunities.

We at St.Anne’s impart value based quality education which will equip students with intellectual growth. There is a continued focus on academic excellence underpinned by strong pastoral care and a wide range of cultural activities.

We strongly believe that the best method to increase and maintain high student achievement is to foster the development of a strong community where the principal, staff and parents collaborate in order to meet the needs of the students.

We take pride in the excellent calibre of our staff and the support of the Management. The faculty members are committed to providing the best possible learning environment. We will continue to work as a team with the expectation that our students will become well-rounded adults contributing to the social, economic, cultural and ethical requirements of society as a result of their nurturing at St.Anne’s.

Prof. Veena Kumari.V, M.Com., M.Phil, (Ph.D)